BEST Men's Silver Tone, Dual Voice Talking Watch

Our BEST Men’s Silver Tone Expansion Flex Band watch is a classic style appealing to many.   Not only does this watch use our Unique Talking Dual Voice (set to male or female with a push of a button), but also features an added Alarm Feature.   The silver tone Stainless Steel Flex Expansion Band is tapered for a comfortable fit and can be easily put on your wrist and taken off.   As with all our talking watches, the dial is a clean white dial with bold black numbers and sapphire colored second hand for an easy to read watch.   The watch uses a pumpkin crown with beautiful adorned cabochon that adds additional elegance to the watch.   As with all our Time Optics Talking watches, we offer the LATEST in Technology and Fashion Talking Timepieces.  Dial Diameter 31mm

BEST Men's Silver Tone, Dual Voice Talking Watch
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  • Item #: TOM129
  • Condition: New
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