BEST Ladies Talking Watch: Silver Tone Dual Voice Flex Expansion

BEST Ladies Talking Watch: Our Ladies Silver Tone Talking Watch with Expandable Flex band is easy on and easy off.  The band fits most wrists.  The watch is beautifully designed, sleek and fashionable with an oversized pumpkin crown adorned with a beautiful cabochon.  The dial (26mm) is easy to read with bold black numbers on a clean white dial.  The second hand is a beautiful sapphire  color along with the distinctive black hands that are easy to read.  With a push of the button you can hear the time, date, day, month and year, and use the added alarm feature to remind you of things!  This talking watch has a Stainless Steel back and Flex band.  This talking watch features a Unique Talking Chip that feature both a male and female voice and the added feature of an alarm. If you have an eye disease such as macular degeneration, then this is the watch you have been missing!  LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY

Women's silver Talking Watch with Dual Voice technology
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  • Item #: TOL102
  • Condition: New
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Price $53.46